Workshop: Web Surveys (Charicris Pandanon)

Workshop: Web Surveys

Web Surveys: Concepts and Tools

Jan. 30, 2019 (16:00 – 17:00 Hrs)

Cebu (Philippines)

A workshop animated by Charicris Pandanon

based on her book ISBN 978-2-922636-33-8

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FEE: USD 50  (For Conference Participants)

FEE: USD 200 (For NON- Conference Participants)

(Can pay fee by cash at the time of Conference Registration. Separate Certificate and Receipt will be provided for the workshop)

This tutorial aims to provide to the attendees a fast understanding of the appropriate methodology to elaborate a questionnaire and broadcast it thru the Internet.  This tutorial introduces survey concepts and best practices in questionnaires construction and helps the readers to master one web-survey tool. More specifically, attendees are expected to acquire the necessary notions to elaborate a good questionnaire and to master the main data capture commands and appropriate data format of an e-survey website. The tutorial will cover four topics:

  • A primer to the construction of valid questionnaire, namely choosing the question style and sequencing the questions in adequate order
  • Series of examples of question styles, namely Likert type
  • A recall of the main advantages of web surveys over traditional approach to data collection
  • A hands-on experimentation  of attendees on using  Surveymonkey, one of the free websites available

Value of the tutorial for the attendees;

Attendee will master the realization of a websurvey from inception to  data collection and exportation

  • This tutorial  will ease the realization of thesis and dissertation to all students, faculties and professionals engaged in a research project
  • Master and PhD student will find the needed justification to put in their theoretical papers of this approach to data collection
  • A virtual book covering the topics seen during the tutorial will be given free to participants



Phone: +44 7452 131777, +971 52 829 9493 (Can use LINE, Whatsapp, Viber)

VENUE (Confirmed)

Hotel Summit Circle, Cebu

Address: Fuente Osmeña Cir, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Phone:+63 32 239 3000

(The cost of accommodation is not included in the registration fee of the conference)

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